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General Description

HAOMEI, pre-painted aluminium in standing seam quality is a semi-finished coil-coated product whose alloy, mechanical properties and coating materials are coordinated perfectly with the processing techniques used in lock-welting.HAOMEI can be used as for rain-proof double-skin, rear-ventilated roof constructions, or single-skin roof constructions without rear-ventilation as it can for complex facade architecture. HAOMEI is available in different surface finishes: Uni and metallic colors as well as copper, zinc or titanium imitations.

The coil coated aluminium coil/strips are ideal for roll forming, cutting and sawing, folding, drilling, riveting and gluing. HAOMEI coated coil can be combined with other materials such as wood, stone or glass to create individual styles.

From a broad sweeping arched roof, a narrow angled dormer, a bay construction, a church tower or large areas of facade cladding - HAOMEI opens up a broad spectrum of individualized roof and facade designs.

Alloy  AA 3003 /EN ​AW-3005 (AlM​n1Mg 0.5)
Temper  H41, H44
Gauge:  0,7 mm
Width:  600 mm/1200 mm 
Specific weight:  1,9 kg/m² 
Tensile strength
130 - 170 N/mm2
Proof Stress
> 100 N/mm2
> 6% 
Thermal expansion:  Coefficient of linear expansion: 0,024 mm/m/K 
Elasticity:  Modulus of elasticity: -70.000 MPa 
Fire protection: Non-combustible according to EN 13501-A1. Smoke  gases comply with DIN 4102 and pose no threat to health.
Gloss 10 or 20 units in the Gardner system, meauring angle 60°,metallic colours with approx 40units.
Colour range   Colours as per current Novelis colour chart, with various  special colour developments such as simulated copper, titanium to  zinc. Minimum quantitied for special colours and special customised tones 1500㎡
Protective film Anti-slip, white, UV-resistant, asymmetrically-perforated protective film.                 The film can remain on the panels for up to 6 months until all work is complete.
 Coating: Front face (exposed side): 2-layer system (primer and top coat applied using coil-coating process).
Paint-system: PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride).
Paint-system PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride).
A number of special colour tones are applied in 3 or even 4 layers.
Reverse face transparent protective lacquer with  printed identification No. and RAL NO. An arrow indicates the direction of coating. 

Surface Front Face:HAOMEI pre-painted aluminium coil for roof has been coil coated with a PVDFpaint system (80/20). The paint thickness is approx. 25µm for a two layer paint system. For special coatings the paint thickness is approx. 40 µm.

Reverse side:The reverse side of HAOMEI is provided with a transparent protective lacquer, thickness approx. 3µm. This protective lacquer is suitable for gluing and foaming. Transparent protective lacquer with HAOMEI symbol.

Protective film:HAOMEI is delivered with a patented, asymmetrically perforated anti-slip protective film for the front side. This protection film is UV-resistant and can remain on the panels for up to six months until all work is complete.

Aluminium is a choice for virtually any roof where steel or other materials are being considered. Its natural properties of light weight, strength and longevity make it a desirable roofing material. Aluminium roof's resistance to rust and corrosion over time, these unique characteristics make aluminium roofing the preferred material in salt spray costal environments.

Because aluminium roofs are lightweight, consumers can re-roof their home and reduce the weight on their housing structure. Unlike heavy tile and slate roofing, aluminium roofing does not require structural reinforcement.



HAOMEI Falzonal pre-painted with a polyester powder coating, introduces colour as a design element to aluminium roofing for commercial and domestic projects. Discover for yourself the wide range of design possibilities and be inspired by the variety of effects available, from shining bright colours to discreet metallic sheens and matt finishes. Colours can also be customised in all RAL colours on orders over 1500 square metres. The paints, a PVdF coating system with a mixture ratio of 80/20, are applied in a continuous coil-coating processin two to four layers, depending on the colour, and stoved. The result is a high-quality surface with outstanding uniformity of colour. Latest colour chart and original colour samples available on request.


Permanently weatherproof and low-maintenance

HAOMEI Falzonal colour-coated aluminium has proved its worth in the most extreme climatic zones, resulting in long life and low maintenance costs. The Falzonal coating is resistant to embrittlement from the effects of light and weathering and is dirt repellant.

 Form follows function

HAOMEI Falzonal can be used with equal ease and economy on double-skin, rear-ventilated roof constructions and single-skin roof constructions without rear-ventilation, and also for complex facade architectue. Falzonal also associates well with wood, stone and glass, offering a wide spectrum of individualised design options.

Falzonal can be worked easily to the precise shape you require. It is more ductile than most lock-welt materials and can therefore be employed in a wide range of applications, from broad sweeping arched roofs to narrow-angled dormer or bay construction.

Aluminum Roofing Materials

The primary task for the roof of any building is to protect the interior from the elements—rain, sun, wind, dust and more. Of course, the roof also plays a key role in a building's aesthetic appeal. Painted aluminum has proven to be an effective, durable and attractive option for roofs of all kinds. Painted aluminum elements are easily installed and nearly permanent when maintained properly.

HAOMEI offers a range of pre-painted aluminum products designed specifically for roofing materials that deliver:

  • A variety of color choices
  • Exceptional UV resistance
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion
  • High plasticity and workability

FALZONAL: Durability Meets Great Design

FALZONAL is a pre-painted rolled aluminum product designed to deliver superior results for roofing. Semi-finished and coil-coated, the mechanical properties of the alloy and the coating were developed specifically for superior double-standing seam. With FALZONAL, you can take advantage of:

  • Attractive appearance: A variety of colors and good formability enable FALZONAL to be combined with other elements such as wood, stone or glass, and FALZONAL fits into many designs, from sweeping arched roofs to narrow dormers, church towers to large industrial facades.
  • The right variety of designs for your needs: Use double-standing seam for roofing and wall cladding, or angle-standing seam and ledge roof designs for wall cladding.
  • Versatility: Use for rain-proof double skin with rear ventilation, single-skin constructions with no rear ventilation or complex facade architecture.
  • Excellent processability: Form, cut, saw, fold, drill, rivet and glue easily without harming the properties of the product or the coating.
  • Superior resistance: The PVdF coating provides superior resistance to UV light, sea water and corrosion due to condensation. Exceptional strength: Displays outstanding results against wind pressure and suction.
  • Safety: An anti-slip, asymmetrically perforated protective film provides full coverage and can be left on for up to six months.

Function----Cost-Effective and Easy to Work

The alloy, coating and elasticity of FALZONAL prepainted aluminium has been specially geared for working in plumbing technology. FALZONAL is therefore ideal for lock-welt or ledge roof technologies ,but can also be cut, sawn, folded, drilled or riveted without problem using standard machines-and without the coating chipping or cracking.


To prevent damage during processing, FALZONAL features a non-slip UV-resistant white protective film with asymmetric perforations on the exposed side.

Before the FALZONAL is worked, the protective film is removed at the perforation along both edges in the lock-welt area. The remaining film is simply stripped away after installation.

The protective film can be left on the panels for up to six months until all the work has been completed.


State-of-the art production processes deliver consistently high quality base material and coating.

FALZONAL is sturdy, features long-term corrosion resistance, and is extremely durable. You can be sure of permanent waterproofing and protection for roofs and facades.

Color coated aluminum coil
Color coated aluminum coil
Color coated aluminum coil
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